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Presentation of the centre of expertise

The profession of veterinary assistants* does not have the same profile from one country in the EEC to another. Job descriptions and prerogatives, veterinary regulations, training and qualifications, the attitudes of vets as employers are very different. Because of these differences, it is particularly difficult to harmonise qualifications for this position.

The aim of this centre is to draw together information from the different EEC countries in the following areas:

  • National and professional contexts for veterinary assistants in the practice of their profession
  • Levels of qualification required and officially recognised by professional and institutional bodies
  • Expectations of vets as employers of veterinary assistants and the way in which this profession is developing
  • Expectations of veterinary assistants in the practice of their profession

This study will lead to a better understanding of the relationship between training and work in each country, which will make it possible for workers to be more mobile on the market. It aims to study the work of qualified veterinary assistants. "Qualified" means workers who have undergone training officially recognised by the professional and institutional bodies in each country. This allows the promotion of professional training in order to provide better services to clients who have higher and higher expectations. Finally, this work allows a comparison of training bodies which lays the foundation for harmonisation of qualifications across Europe and makes way for the development of transnational cooperation between training schools and professional veterinary organisations.

A semi-directive questionnaire for national institutions, veterinary clinics and veterinary assistants was distributed according to the situation in each country. The results will be collated and published on the websites of the different national institutions.

This website will be updated as and when new data are available.

The opening of this site is a landmark event in European development and cooperation. It is just the beginning: this work will continue to flourish in the future, demonstrating the enormous investment of professionals. As promoter of this project, I am particularly proud of this joint effort and invite other countries to join us.
Dr Vet. Rémi Gellé
SNVEL President
UEVP President

* The term "assistant" refers to non-veterinary staff working in a veterinary practice or clinic (with the exception of cleaners, accountants, etc).

**The term VN (veterinary nurse) refers to qualified assistants.